Thursday, November 4, 2010

Slowest Week Evar.

9dpo and this morning produced another bfn. Like I said, I'm keeping my chin up for now. Granted, I'm not letting my hopes get too high, and I've quit referring to myself as the Sacred Vessel (i.e. "DH run the dishwasher, I'm a Sacred Vessel and I'm too busy baking the cupcake!" has turned into "DH, please run the dishwasher because I am a Sacred Vessel that's probably not too sacred, and I am busy filling the vessel with eggnog and you loooooove me!"). Precautions, precautions. ^_^

I do have some maybe good news though! Today during class while I was completely absorbed in cognitive development during middle childhood... or doodling in my notebook trying not to fall asleep, I was jolted to attention by the sudden appearance of cramps. They were nothing major, just obviously not comfortable, and not exactly expected. Since then they come and go and are just kind of dull and achy. This is so surprising because it is a rare rare occurrence when I cramp. In the eight years that I have dealt with AF, I've cramped only a couple of times. Also, the day that Miss O showed up, and the day after, I cramped. So, this has just been the cycle of cramping! Now, I'm not positive about how many women experience implantation cramping, nor am I positive when exactly it occurs (don't look at me funny! I told you, I don't cramp and therefore I have had no reason to research such things!), but I think it's safe to say that 9 dpo is a good possibility! Right? Well, either way, I am keeping my fingers crossed!

On to less exciting news! Still sick, have a speech to present tomorrow morning that I have barely worked on, exhausted, and probably not sleeping tonight.

Oh yeah! Life Rocks!


  1. Continued best wishes! super implantation thinking in your direction :)

  2. Hooray!!! I'm so happy to hear you're having what-appears-to-be-implantation-cramping. That rocks.