Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aww DH is cute

So I got in touch with my doctor the day after my last post, so I suppose I owe you an update. Dr. Reed basically told me she couldn't give me any instructions until after my appointment because she didn't have DH's results. Unfortunately my appointment with her isn't until tomorrow, which is cd 8. If I go in tomorrow and turns out DH is fine, then we would have missed a month of trying. I see no point in that, so I called in a refill on my clomid and started taking that on cd 5. I figure, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Mostly I just refuse to possibly let a month go to waste.

She continued to explain that at the appointment we're going to discuss a good deal of things, Our agenda will include the million gallons of blood they removed from me, the HSG results, and the results of the semen analysis. She says that if DH's results come back abnormal she will probably refer us to an infertility specialist. If not, we will continue clomid until we've tried it for six cycles, at which point we will be referred to a fertility specialist. I asked about injections and she told me that Langley is unable to provide those. She would have to refer me to Portsmouth Naval Hospital if we decided to go that route. Apparently they are the only hospital that offers all the ultrasounds I would need. I'll be honest, I don't understand that, because I have had two ultrasounds here at Langley... Either way, fine. I will gladly drive an hour almost daily to get shots and the like. At this point I would probably do just about anything if it means a baby will end up in my uterus!

Oh! As a side note DH and I were talking about how I wanted him to go to the appointment with me. He said he was going to try but he might be called in to the tower blah blah blah :o) I asked if he wanted me to call him if it turned out he made no sperm, and he laughed at me! According to him he obviously has sperm. Why does he assume this, you ask? Because it's white. ^_^ Ahhhh his absolute certainty was cute :o) I filled him in on the fact that it doesn't work like that. He now wants a call as soon as I find out if he isn't there. Hahahaha

Did anyone else's hubby get this big surprise?


  1. Good for you to refill your clomid all on your own. Way to take charge!! Good luck with your appt...let us know how it goes : )

  2. My husband didn't even bat an eyelash when he had his analysis done. He, like your hubby, was so sure that he was healthy. I actually found it annoying and guess what.....his sperm was great. Despite smoking, drinking and working out in the hot sun all day long his boys looked awesome. Go figure!

  3. Oh that's hilarious about your DH - yes, they're incredibly naive about this stuff...

    I have to be honest - I don't love the idea of you staying on clomid for 6 months. It's been known to dry up your fluids, including your uterine lining and cervical fluid, after a few months. So you may want to ask about that. But other than that, I like the plan!

  4. Thanks for the approval ladies :o) I will definitely keep you updated!

    I think it's rather hilarious how naive they are! It makes me wonder if he was awake at all during biology class haha. Knowing DH, he's probably perfectly fine as well... However, that's because he doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, works out twice a week, blah blah blahbitty blah! Sometimes he annoys me with how much of a good kid he is! It makes me feel like the bad influence haha Work out? No thanks, but I will take that Dr. Pepper! ;o)

    Alex, I've heard about it messing with the fluids, but never the lining! I'm going to have research that some more! I read that the way to combat it messing with the fluid is to take tussin. Which I've been doing, and absolutely hate. However, I can now add "Chugs tussin like a champ" to my list of incredible skills. I don't like the idea of staying on it for six months because this is month four, and it hasn't worked too well yet... This adds a whole new dimension to my dislike of clomid!

    As a side note, I wanted to say that I read all of your blogs, I'm just horrible about commenting :o( Please don't hate me! <3