Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm going to kick this cold in the face.


I took my first hpt for this cycle today, and it was a bfn. I'm not upset, I expected it. It's only 8 dpo, so I figured it was a long shot. I probably won't be upset about a bfn until around 16 dpo or so. By that point I will be calling the doctor to figure out what we do from here. Since Aunt Flo never knows when she wants to show up, I figure Dr. Reed (the amazing) will be more likely to know how long to wait it out than me. I just don't want to wait five months waiting for AF to show up before we take the next step.

I'm still sick, but I'm getting better. The congestion is slowly clearing up and the sore throat is completely gone. However the cough, nausea and exhaustion has yet to go away. Blehh. Slowly but surely, slowly but surely.


  1. So sorry you're sick! Sorry, too, about your BFN. I hope it changes its mind in the next 8 days. : ) Keep us posted!!

  2. Feel better soon :)