Monday, November 22, 2010

Did I hear someone ask for an update?

Well, that's too bad because I don't have much of one for you. I know, I know, a riot will surely ensue! ;o) I swear it's not my fault though! I went to the doctor, where I was SUPPOSED to find out if DH is making suitable little guys and where I was SUPPOSED to find out if things were normal with the HSG. However, I guess medical facilities have decided otherwise. Dr. Reed was unable to give any sort of instruction or results because our results have managed to disappear. I was livid! DH and I went to two separate medical facilities, and BOTH managed to lose our stuff! The radiology department at Langley tried saying I went to Portsmouth, which is not true. I drove my happy butt to the Langley radiology department TWICE for this damn test! I know good and well where I got the test done. THEN they tried claiming I must not have gone! As for DH's results, they just don't know where it is. Awesome.

How is it that things like this ALWAYS happen to me?

That all went down on Thursday, and Dr. Reed said she would call me as soon as they figured out what happened. It's Monday, and still no call. Woot. She did, however, put in a referral to the Portsmouth hospital for me to see a fertility specialist there. Apparently they can do more for me there than Dr. Reed can do for me here. Unfortunately, there is like a three month waiting list to get you initial appointment. At that appointment you go through the whole workup, blood, HSG, and semen analysis. If they could actually find our results we wouldn't have to go through all of that, we could get down to the good stuff! The lovely Dr. Reed then informed me that Portsmouth would probably start me on injectables and timed intercourse... Then she said something amazing... "At Portsmouth Tricare will completely cover IUI." I kid you not, my jaw dropped! Apparently Portsmouth is a military training facility, so if I let them use me as a guinea pig they will completely cover the procedure! I swear I heard the Hallelujah Chorus at that very second! She also informed me that out near D.C. Walter Reid will do IVF for between 3000$ and 5000$! Still, not anywhere NEAR in our budget, but it's better than the normal price!

So, that's about it! Don't trust medical facilities with your x-rays or your hubby's sperm, three month wait for new doctor, and free IUI. I'm not sure if I should feel thrilled or annoyed...


  1. That is freakin ridiculous that they lost/misplaced your testing. Seriously how can they not be accountable for locating it for you immediately! The entire process is flawed and they don't realize how crucial this is to our sanity. I know how it feels just to want to get the show on the road and all of the waiting is enough to drive you crazy. I hope things work out and that they pull their heads out of their asses and locate your results.

  2. Holy crap! I can't believe they lost your medical records TWICE?! What a bunch of jerks.. they should def be redoing your tests for free! Grrrrrrr.

  3. Oh that's sucks that they lost your tests! WTF??? So annoying! But the prices sound nice...IF you have to go down that route. Let's hope not, and good luck!

  4. There is no excuse for that sort of incompetence! I think it would have made me yell.

    On the other hand, yay for free IUI!

  5. Freakin awesome that you might qualify for free iui's and super cheap IVF!!! We are paying just over 3k for each IUI cycle, and will be looking at up to 20K for an IVF cycle. What I would give for insurance that treated this as what it is, a painful debilitating chronic disease. I am grateful that we are somehow managing to afford treatment, but it really not fair!

    I am shocked that your medical records have gotten lost at all! That is INSANE and totally unacceptable. Can you write a letter to the hospital president explaining how upsetting this is for you and your husband. Someone in charge really should know about this kind of incompetence!