Thursday, November 11, 2010

16 dpo

Since I last updated, here is a summary of my days. BFN, BFN, BFN, BFN. Also, AF showed up today, so that is the final confirmation. I was really upset on 14 dpo, but I've been okay since then. We've been waiting this long, what's another month... or however many months we have left. Crying, moping, and thinking how unfair it is isn't going to make anything better. I'm glad AF is here, because now we can get started on this next cycle.

I called my doctor's office on 14 dpo... Tuesday? (As a side note, I think it's hilarious how I never know what day of the week I did something, but I sure as hell know which day in my cycle it was!) I have an appointment for next Thursday, and we are going to discuss all the tests, and what she thinks we should do now. As of today, DH did his semen analysis, and I'm really hoping those results are in by Thursday. It would just be nice to have everything in so we can get the whole picture. I also went ahead and called Dr. Reed's line to ask her what she wants me to do in the mean time. I would just wait until the appointment, but that is on cd 7. If she wants me to do another round of Clomid, I need to start that by cd 5. So, time is of the essence! I would tell you what she said for me to do, except she didn't answer her phone, because it's Veterans Day, and she's military... Hopefully I'll get a call tomorrow. When she does call I am going to ask if there's anything we can do that is a little more aggressive. Foxy suggested progesterone, which is something we haven't tried yet, so, maybe we can move to that. Or injections! I know I hate shots, and I know that it is usually for IUI or IVF, but at this point I really don't care! I just want to get knocked up!

Let's pull out the big guns!


  1. Ugh. Such a freaking bummer. I really thought we were on to something with that cramping 9dpo. It sounds like you're processing the BFN very well though. I can't wait to hear how your appointments go and I hope you get a new protocol to switch stuff up and gain some confidence in the process.

  2. PS I'm totally not stalking you, I just check my google reader a LOT during boring days at work, thus why I commented immediately after you posted : )

  3. I'm so sorry that this cycle wasn't it - that sucks! You should definitely have the semen analysis results back by next week. I hope Dr. Reed gives you a good path!

  4. we used to live our lives on what cd or dpo it was... like could literally tell you my dog had a vet appointment on 10dpo.... funny how our lives revolve around it. Sorry that this cycle ended this way. Hope you get an answer soon!