Sunday, April 3, 2011

Umm, so, yeah...

Apparently we can add mood swings to that list of maybe symptoms. I definitely posted that last blog and calmly walked to DH to talk. He was playing a video game, and was distracted. I then declared that I was going to go get a bath and quickly walked to the bedroom. This is where I had a very uncharacteristic break down. I started sobbing about how he just wasn't attracted to me anymore because I'm fat and how he was probably glad we had the IUI so he wouldn't have to have sex with me for us to have a baby. So I don't sound completely crazy there, I've been hinting that I have wanted some *ahem* fun time. However, he has been out of zinc, and therefore has not been in the mood. Wednesday will make two weeks, and I am getting antsy! As soon as I mentioned to myself the IUI I started crying about all the obvious reasons the IUI didn't work. This would include the fact that we didn't seal the deal. I then laid in bed just crying my eyes out.

Shortly thereafter, I felt perfectly fine and went on to enjoy my warm bath.

I think I'm losing my mind.


  1. oooh, exciting! Hope it's a baby!!

  2. I hope your mood swings mean something!!! I have everything crossed!