Saturday, April 23, 2011

IUI numero dos is complete!

We went in today for IUI #2, and I was much happier this time around. We knew where we were going, so we weren't late, which definitely started things off on a good note. DH went and did his thing, and I had really high expectations this time around. Last month he had 11 million sperm with 87% motility post wash. This month he had 5.9 million with 89% motility.

When I saw those numbers I got really discouraged. His numbers were double this last time, and we didn't get pregnant. On the way to Portsmouth I Googled good sperm counts for IUI, and I saw that doctors like to see between 5-10 million. So, we're over that minimum, so maybe it will still work out. I'm trying to focus on all the things that are good about this cycle. My lining is good, my follies were bigger, we were over the sperm minimum, and the process happened much more quickly.

When we got to Portsmouth it was early enough that we were able to have the IUI done in the infertility clinic instead of labour and delivery. It was much less depressing. Unfortunately Dr. R was still in surgery, so I got a doctor I've never met. I was unhappy with this at first, but this doctor, Dr. S, was awesome! It must be something about the doctors at this clinic, because I have loved them all! He was absolutely great! He told me our numbers and assured me that as long as it is over 5 million he is happy. After explaining this to me he turned to DH and asked if he wanted to do the insemination. It was obvious that DH was not expecting this, and to be honest, neither was I. DH decided to do it, and afterwards he said he was glad he did. It made it more between us, he still did the deed, not some random doctor. I liked it. What I did not like, however, was the lack of lubrication when it came to the speculum! The doctor at my last IUI was not shy with the lube, so this was surprising. Surprising and uncomfortable. Oh my gosh! I have to share this with you ladies, but be prepared for possible tmi. <tmi> As he was about to insert the speculum he did the routine "You'll feel my hand," and "Okay, I'm going to insert one finger into the vagina." All very normal. What I was not expecting was for him to stretch my vagina open! I swear to you it felt like he was going to make it touch the table! It didn't hurt, it just felt weird. </tmi> The actual procedure was more uncomfortable this time... Before it was a little crampy, but it was really nothing. This time there was a lot more cramping! It lasted for a couple of hours after the IUI, when last time really wasn't uncomfortable for that long. Maybe that just means he really got the little guys where they need to be!

So, a close friend of mine informed me last month that she and her girlfriend had decided to try for a baby. They found a donor and were going through the whole IUI process. She did everything unmedicated, and just went in the morning after she got a positive OPK. She went in for her IUI about a week and a half after I did mine. I completely expected that she would not get pregnant this first time. I mean, honestly, how many of us conceive with our first IUI? Well, apparently she does. She texted me this morning, and I just didn't know what to say. I'm happy for her because I love her and I know that she is going to be an AWESOME mom... But I'm also super jealous. She isn't on any of the crazy hormones that we're on, she didn't have to get a giant shot in her bum, she hasn't had to let every person in a white coat (or camo scrubs, as is often my case) look at her lady business, and she got pregnant this first round. I always get jealous of people who get pregnant as soon as they start to try. It makes me feel like a bad friend because I'm not as happy for her as I feel I should be. It's just hard... So now I'm just left hoping that this IUI works so that I can be more fully excited for both of us.

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  1. Yay for finishing IUI #2!!! It's odd that your hubby's count went down so much, but there's still plenty there! Hope this 2ww goes well! And I'm also jealous of your friend's success...