Thursday, April 21, 2011

Midcycle Scan For IUI#2

I went in today, and got my favourite doctor, Dr. R. She said she was really interested to see what my lining did this month, so we got straight to business. Last month my lining measured at 4.12mm, this month it is *drum roll* between 6.5 and 7mm! Woot! She said it is a beautiful lining. She then scanned over to my right ovary, where a big fat 20mm follie was sitting. Beside it there was another follie that measured 17.5mm. A scan over to the left revealed ANOTHER follie that was 17.6mm! Dr. R was super excited to see all of this. She said that with my dominant follie being so big, she wanted me to trigger before I left the office and set up a time for tomorrow. Sooooooooo, we go in tomorrow at 1:30 to acquire the goods from DH, and then we'll zip over to the clinic. Dr. R told me that as long as she gets out of surgery by the time we show up, she'll do the IUI.

I am extremely excited by the results, but I'm still very cautious. I'm starting to be in the place where I just don't expect it to happen. I just see us going through treatment after treatment and getting no where. DH and I briefly discussed the possibility of adoption yesterday. We're definitely still a ways away from that, but it's something we need to discuss. I'm all for adopting, if it comes to that, but DH is weary.  He is afraid that he wouldn't be able to love the child. He especially feels this way if we were to adopt a boy. He says he could see himself becoming wonderful friends with the boy, but he just doesn't know if he would love him. As for a daughter, he feels like he would be more likely to love a girl, but he still isn't positive. He told me his biggest fear about adopting a daughter would be for her to grow up and him to find her attractive. I had never thought about that possibility. I tried explaining to him that if he raised a child, regardless of gender, he would love the child. I believe that raising a child will make you love them... Well, in most cases. Either way, I have to acknowledge his fears so that we can work past them. Like I said, it is still a ways off, especially since we don't meet the age requirements in most places. That alone makes it so that we would have to wait about three more years. So, we have time to finish treatments and work through DH's fears.

For those who have adopted, did your hubby's have similar fears? How did they work past it?

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  1. Your scan sounds great! Two good follies, and a great lining - wonderful! Everything's crossed for this cycle! Keep your DH talking. I think it's great that he's able to talk to you about his fears. You have lots of time to keep talking about this stuff, but if you get closer to adoption, it would be good for him to talk with adoptive fathers about their experiences.