Monday, October 25, 2010

Ovulation, anyone?

We're on CD16, and still no sign of Miss O. However, I think the second line was a little darker today... That or yesterday's picture was just too blurry. Thoughts?

CD15 OPK 10/24/10

CD16 OPK 10/25/10

I had my little cryfest because, dammit, you're supposed to ovulate between CD14 and CD16... Or at least that's what I have read freaking everywhere! I did a little more research today, and saw that on Clomid it can happen 5-9 days after the last pill. Since I took it for CD 5-9, I have another two days. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

I found out today that Tricare doesn't cover IUI or IVF. It covers the medication, but not the procedure... I mean, the medication being covered is AWESOME, but we would still have to cover around 9000$... I just don't see us being able to do that, so I am counting on this to work with pills alone... So, since nothing has happened yet, I'm getting nervous. 

It'll be okay though, right? We still have two days I'll still cross my fingers for this cycle. If the Clomid doesn't work, then maybe they will up the dose again and that will do the trick. Or maybe they'll give me one of the injections (I can't remember what they're called) that are supposed to help with the whole situation.

Either way, I'm trying to keep my chin up. Something has got to work, I just have to give it more time.


  1. hey there - i remember reading somewhere that the IVF (and maybe IUI) treatments themselves area cheaper if they're not at a vet hospital. definitely look into this - even though they're still expensive, i think they're a few 1000 less. hope this helps!

  2. whoops - i posted that wrong yesterday - i read that they ARE cheaper at a vet hospital. my bad.

  3. also - and they i promise i'll stop commenting :), if you think your opk might be positive, a good way to confirm is with the clearblue easy smiley face ones. there's no confusing lines, only a digital smiley face if you're surging. i'm not on meds, so you likely have a time when you're supposed to ovulate.. but i don't ovulate until cd18.

  4. Hmmmm I'll have to look into that! DH and I were talking about the cost, and he said we would use his re-enlistment bonus on the treatment if I need it. It's still four years down the road, but at least it's there, ya know? We also found out that with all the medications we could get IUI for between 500$ and 1000$. It's still a lot, but we could do that a lot sooner than we could manage IUI.

    Haha No fears, I enjoy the comments! I use the Clearblue digitals :o) Thankfully my doctor wrote me a prescription for them! I just like to monitor the lines hoping they get darker. I think watching the line get darker, even if I didn't ovulate, would give me a little hope!