Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The adventure continues...

I had my ultrasound last night at 9 pm. There is nothing quite like driving for 45 minutes in a horrible storm at night to have a date with an u/s tech. We arrived safely, and shuffled into the hospital. I must admit, I was pretty impressed! Most of the hospital was still open, including the pharmacy.

So we walk to radiology and I am met by a very cheery tech who tells me to come on back, but that I have to abandon DH. Were any of you ladies instructed to leave your hubby behind when you went for a diagnostic u/s? Anywho, so I go into the room, hop onto the bed, and get to business. She moves the wand around, takes a few pictures, and then instructs me to get up and go empty my bladder. I happily followed her instructions, as I felt my bladder was going to burst. I come back and she tells me that I am going to have an impromptu date with the dildo wand! Apparently the other ultrasound wasn't good enough. So, I strip and assume the position. I swear she was in there for forever! She eventually found one position, and she kept pushing on my left side, furrowing her brow, and barely adjusting the wand. She did it so many times I eventually offered to press down on the side for her. She told me she was trying to discern whether or not something was a cyst or my ovary. I commented that the nurse had had the same issue, to which the tech replied, "Yeah, they are very close." I motioned the the area she kept pressing, asked if that was where the cyst was, because I had been feeling some discomfort there. Turns out, yep, that is exactly where the cyst is. She finally finished, and told me that the radiologist would read it in the morning, and my doctor would have it in about three days.

I received a call from my doctor TODAY wanting to talk about my ultrasound results. Apparently things started moving along much more quickly than anticipated. She started the conversation by telling me that the cyst is big, but it looks fine. The cyst shouldn't cause any additional problems with our fertility. Before I could get all excited for the good news, she ruined it by starting the next sentence with "however." "However, your left tube is enlarged, which can cause additional problems with your infertility." Of course it is. Why would I expect anything else? I asked her what this might mean, and she said she thinks it's hydrosalpinx. She needed me to get a CD of my HSG from last year because she wasn't able to access it from her system. Either that, or if this cycle fails, I would need to get another HSG done. Upon remembering my last HSG, I agreed to pick up the CD. She said she is confused because if this doesn't just happen, if I had it it should have shown up in that HSG. All I can think about is the tech telling me one of my tubes was abnormally shaped, but not blocked, and not to worry. What if that was something, and since it has taken so long to have anyone notice that it may be serious, I'm in an even more difficult situation? She was telling me that if it is a hydrosalpinx, they may have to remove that tube. That was precisely what I wanted to hear! "If you have never had difficulty getting pregnant, the normal pregnancy rate after salpingectomy is 70-85%.  If you had difficulty conceiving prior to the removal of your fallopian tube the normal pregnancy rate is about 10%." Just peachy! Wonderful! Possible surgery and an even more difficult time having a baby? I couldn't ask for a better situation!

I am just ready to scream. Why can nothing be simple? I take her the CD in the morning, and then she is going to call me as soon as she and the other doctors look at it. Please, just keep us in your prayers...


  1. My husband couldn't come to the u/s with me! Which I thought was very strange.

    I hope the enlarged tube turns out to be nothing! I hope everything works out.

  2. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry for this scary news. I hope everything turns out just fine!!!