Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well, that explains it...

It is currently cycle day 31, which is usually when AF shows up if I've been taking Clomid. However, I never tested positive for ovulation, and there is no sign of AF showing up in the near future. I'm kinda hoping I ninja ovulated... So, I'm going to wait about a week, and if AF hasn't shown up, I'm going to test.

Oh! Oh! I have news! Well, kind of, anyways. I was talking to a close friend about waiting for Portsmouth to call, and really hoping that it happened soon. She proceeded to tell me that whenever they get a referral to Portsmouth (which is a lot, since they have a special needs daughter), they have to call to make the appointment. She said they have never been called by Portsmouth to get an appointment. This made me a little nervous, because I've been patiently waiting for several months now. I decided that the next morning, which was yesterday, that I was going to call Portsmouth myself, just to be sure. I left a message at the infertility clinic, and practically had a stare down with my phone for several hours afterwards. The lady at the clinic eventually called me back with the news I was dreading. She informed me that there had been a referral in the system, but I would need a new one. It turns out that I was supposed to call the clinic within 30 days of the referral to set up my initial appointment. She explained the referral procedure to me, and informed me that my doctor really should have known better than to tell me to wait for a call. She let me know that if I got a new referral put in that afternoon, that I could call her directly on Monday to set an appointment. I'm very annoyed with  my doctor, but the new referral is in and an appointment should be made on Monday. MONDAY! That is so incredibly exciting! I feel like after all this time we're finally going to start getting somewhere. I just wish we hadn't wasted months due to incorrect instructions.

I hope all you ladies are doing well! <3

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  1. Wow, that is so frustrating but I am glad you got things figured out. I hope you had a silent ovulation and that you get a BFP this month!