Monday, February 14, 2011

Holy crap!

After being told that there was a three month wait to be seen at the infertility clinic, I completely expected to get super suck news today. I think the proper assumption would be that when I called today, my appointment would be set for about three months from now. Guess again! March 8th. MARCH FREAKING EIGHTH! That's just 22 days from now! DH is already asking for the day off  :o) I finally feel like we're getting somewhere! I'm really hoping we can breeze through a lot of the typical tests and such since we already did them. However, with my luck, they'll want to do everything all over again. Ahh well, here's to hoping! <3


  1. Great news, start making a list of questions now. I always freeze up when I finally get to see the doctor!

  2. Just curious if you are Canadian? Everyone else always refers to their clinics as RE's.

  3. Thanks guys!!

    @KC No haha I see a lot of people referring to them as RE's as well, but I just don't. No special reason :)

  4. Wonderful - this is great! And I think it's fabulous that your DH is taking the day off for it - make a wonderful day of it!